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April 14, 2014 / Marline Nieuwenhuize

It’s all about Hay

Spring always feels like a clean slate. It’s a time clear your mind, start your spring cleaning (anyone else started yet?) and for the not so lucky people -like me- battle that nasty hayfever.
Speaking of Hay, a brand we probably all love, they do such a great job with these tray tables. Simplicity at it’s best!
With their versatile and sleek look they fit in every interior. Including mine.

I would accessorize them with some romantic candlesticks in copper, a few pretty books and -ofcourse- spring flowers.
Anyone else excited?


Source photo 1 and 2

April 4, 2014 / Marline Nieuwenhuize

Soft coral everything

As you’ve probably noticed I love everything pastel these days (thank you spring).
But I have a long time favourite colour: coral. I just love anything coral, whether it is a good lipstick, bright nailpolish (I’m a complete nailpolish junkie, can’t live without it), or a bold summer dress, I’m down.

So when I came across this lovely cushion a few weeks ago at Ikea I couldn’t resist. It’s an instant mood lifter, score!

I wish you a fun weekend, hope the weather treats you well!

-Images by Marline-

March 14, 2014 / Marline Nieuwenhuize

Nice to see you again

Hello sun,

It’s so nice of you to join us after such a long time.
How was your time abroad? I hope you’ve treated people on the other side of the world just as well.
Anyway, life looks much easier and happier when you’re around.
Are you planning on staying around for long? We sure do hope so! Because we love the long walks, the warmth on our skin and all the blossoming trees.
Good to have you back.



February 28, 2014 / Marline Nieuwenhuize

Chalk that chalk

I think I’ve bought this frame more than over a year ago for only three euros.
It had the most hideous embroidered fabric (think orange-yellow sunset with dark green fields) but I just liked the frame.

I wanted to turn it into a chalk board but it ended up in the back of our closet. That was until a few weeks ago. I was about to return it to the thriftstore when I decided to just try it out and it was really simple and quick to do. The chalk paint needs some time to dry though (me being all impatient) but it turned out quite fun I think!

I still have another large chalk board in my mind from Bloomingville but that one comes with a large pricetag as well;-)
So in the meantime this will do.

Have a lovely weekend!

-Images by Marline-

February 26, 2014 / Marline Nieuwenhuize

Wednesday wishes

Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted my last wednesday wishes. But I’ve found some really cute stuff on the web that I had to share. Zara’s mini lookbook did a good job again (can they ever do wrong really?)
First of all I LOVE these dolls, and how about the repainted ladder for storage? Not to mention the super simple but oh so nice garland….

I think I need some extra time the upcoming weeks, because I have some serious crafting to do..



Images: Zara

February 19, 2014 / Marline Nieuwenhuize

DIY storage jars

My ever growing collection of masking tape, stamps, twine and stickers needed a new home badly.
I cleaned out a few jars, removed the labels (bye bye pickles) and simply spray painted the cover in a copper colour.

I really like the the result and now I can actually see what I have in storage. Jars are so fun to reuse, the possibilities are endless!
I’ll keep them clean and simple for now, maybe I’ll put some tags on them later.

Have you ever reused jars?


-Images by Marline-

February 18, 2014 / Marline Nieuwenhuize

Light as a feather

Since I quit my job to become a full time mommy last year (wich could be considered a full time job as well) I’ve been superduper crafty. My head is exploding with ideas to craft and create.
So last christmas (hello Wham) I’ve seen a lot of DIY’s with clay on pinterest. I liked the idea of making ornaments, except that I like to do things a little different. I literally woke up a few weeks ago with the idea to make a garland of feathers, dip dyed in black, dark pink and copper.
Said and done.

This was such an easy DIY and a lot of fun. I have lots of feathers left for other variations (think mint green, copper and bright pink).
Do you like the results?



-Image by Marline-

February 16, 2014 / Marline Nieuwenhuize


I fancy everything pastel so these pompoms had to come home with me. Usually I buy lots of decorations because of the colour (recognizable?) but I never end up using them. But there is something that I love about these pompoms, they’re very festive and turn everyday into a little party :-) score!

Have a great week!

-Images by Marline-

February 14, 2014 / Marline Nieuwenhuize

A trip to winter wonderland

As we speak we are on the road to experience some real winter (because we didn’t had any over here).
We’re going to hit the slopes, make long walks, ride the sleigh.. All with our little girl. It’s her first trip abroad (not that she’s aware yet, I’m the one that’s acting all excited) but I’m really looking forward to some quality time.

There are a few post scheduled for next week, so I’ll still be around;-)

See you soon!

-Images by Marline-

February 13, 2014 / Marline Nieuwenhuize

Soft pastels

Remember a while ago I mentioned my newest obession for pink walls in our living room?
Said and done. It took me a little longer than I thought (read: used the wrong colour at first) but now it’s exactly how I wanted it to be.
The paint is from Painting the Past, colour ‘rose white’.
It’s a fresh and very light pastel pink, but not too much for the living room. Because we don’t want it to be very Barbie, after all there’s a man living in this house as well ;-)

It was kind of difficult to capture the right shade with my camera, but this is pretty much how it looks.
Do you like it? Would you go for a pink shade in your living room?



-Images by Marline-


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