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October 1, 2014 / Marline Nieuwenhuize

101 Ideas for fall

Okay. It took me a while but it’s time to let go of summer and welcome fall.
I’m always struggling this thime of year, simply because I live for the long, light days of spring and summer. When the evening starts to fall earlier and earlier I can’t help feeling a bit down. But at the same time I love to shift my wardrobe and interior into fall.

And boy, there is so much good stuff going on this fall when it comes to home trends. I love to see that more budget chains are doing a great job with new collections that are well-matched with more expensive and trendsetting brands. When you mix and match lower priced items with more expensive classic eyecatchers you can create your own affordable style.

Speaking of a lovely new collection (that’s also well priced), meet the 101 Woon-collectie at Leen Bakker from 101 Woonideeën.
These images are an instant mood changer and made me embrace fall to the fullest. I mean, what’s not to love about it?
You can find the collection online at Leen Bakker and in stores.









August 29, 2014 / Marline Nieuwenhuize

A postcard from far, far away

I wasn’t sure how to name this post since it’s been a very long time ago that I showed up here. A lot of things happened the last few months, good and bad and it’s been a crazy ride.
My love and passion for interiors and home styling did not change for one single moment -you guys know me a little bit by now- but I just couldn’t find the energy to write a post.
I didn’t even took a single picture around the house, shame on me!

But I’m here now after a very relaxing holiday and I’m slowly starting over again.

So tell me, how was your holiday?

-Image by Marline-

June 18, 2014 / Marline Nieuwenhuize

Bedroom inspiration

It’s been a while since I posted an update of our bedroom.
Everything is pretty much the same, ofcourse I did move a few things around (you know me).
I still love our black walls, but after 4,5 years they need some repairing here and there.
Black is a very calming and cozy ‘colour’ for your bedroom. The only downside is that it stains very easily.

After browsing some of my favourite blogs a while ago I saw that the lovely Nina from Stylizimo painted her black walls with fresh teal.
It’s actually the same colour that we have in our living room but when I saw this, my heart made a litte jump. I’m excited to try a fresh, light new colour now!

Do you like it?


June 3, 2014 / Marline Nieuwenhuize

In bed with Fred

No no, I’m not actually in bed with Fred. I found this super cute and funny (what’s in a name?) australian brand online and it’s so different than all the famous brands out there, très refreshing.
The colours, the prints, and even the names, I love it!

I’m especially fond of the paper, scissors, ROCK sheets and the cross my heart quilt. And pssst…. they ship internationally, yay!
So I hope Fred will come and sleep over soon :-)



May 22, 2014 / Marline Nieuwenhuize

Brand crush: House of Rym

Whoa. I’m in love. How on earth could I’ve missed this beautiful brand House of Rym?
I want to have every.single.product.pretty.please. It just has ‘Marline’ written all over it.

So I’m saving up for some of these beauties. Over and out.




May 14, 2014 / Marline Nieuwenhuize

Change is good

So yeah, I changed some things up in our girls room. Story of my life.

The cute wallstickers made place for these lovely prints. They’re actually postcards but I like them as walldecorations as well!
We’ve also been changing some things in our kitchen and I’m so excited about it. It’s not finished yet but I’ll show you the results when it’s done.

Have a lovely day!


May 12, 2014 / Marline Nieuwenhuize

All wrapped up

Easter is far behind us (time flies!) but this year the traditional easter brunch was at our place. I went completely overboard with the tablesetting in sweet pastels. So overboard that I didn’t take a single picture.

I did capture these little vases that I made with old jars (thank you baby girl) and some rope. Really simple, just wrap the rope tight around the vase, make sure you wrap a little over the beginning and the end of the rope and it won’t go anywhere.

This is also really fun to use when you’re hosting a summer barbeque or a high tea.
Do you like the results?


May 2, 2014 / Marline Nieuwenhuize

Inspired by Tas-Ka

Our entry is a quite small, straight space. I’d like to have it functional but also welcoming without too much decoration involved.
With a super handy but quite large Bugaboo our entry looked way too small.
So I sold our cabinet and I love how much space we’ve gotten in return.

But ofcourse I can’t leave things completely empty. First I like to start with a functional and cute coat rack. I love this house shaped rack from Tas-Ka.

How is your entry decorated?

Have a great weekend!


April 30, 2014 / Marline Nieuwenhuize

Magic carpet

With spring in full swing I bet a new (or vintage) carpet probably isn’t what comes to your mind right now. But lately I’ve been very very obsessed with these beauties. Your great grandfather would approve!

I would love to have one in our bedroom (it would match perfectly with our black walls and white floors). It’s a bit boho I guess. Pair it with a few cactuses in different sized jars et voila, a new look is born.

Ps. This Alexander Wang bag is also very welcome.

Do you like these old carpets or do you own one?


April 14, 2014 / Marline Nieuwenhuize

It’s all about Hay

Spring always feels like a clean slate. It’s a time clear your mind, start your spring cleaning (anyone else started yet?) and for the not so lucky people -like me- battle that nasty hayfever.
Speaking of Hay, a brand we probably all love, they do such a great job with these tray tables. Simplicity at it’s best!
With their versatile and sleek look they fit in every interior. Including mine.

I would accessorize them with some romantic candlesticks in copper, a few pretty books and -ofcourse- spring flowers.
Anyone else excited?


Source photo 1 and 2


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