Winter decorations

Last week I started decorating the house into a more warm and cozy place. Fresh colored candles and summery pastel pillows made place for furry blankets, white candles, grey and winterwhite pillows. Somehow I’m more than ever drawn to warm neutral colours for this winter.

I always feel sad when Mr. Winter scares Mrs. Summer away, but Mr. Winter doesn’t need much time to convince me that this is actually a much more fun time of the year to redecorate the house. Here is a little capture of my coffee table and a new pillow case that my mom made. The fabric is from Ikea, I’m loving the print!

How do you decorate your house this winter?



-images by Marline-


2 thoughts on “Winter decorations

  1. Hoi Marline,
    Leuke blog houd je bij!!
    Altijd leuk om ideeΓ«n van anderen te gebruiken voor wanneer je zelf even geen inspiratie hebt. Dus ik ben je ook maar gelijk gaan volgen op Pinterest. :)
    Fijne dag! Sarah

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