Wednesday wishes

We all have something that’s on our wishlist when it comes to decorating the house.
A huge tray filled with loads of candles, an eyecatching lamp, a great piece of art, an old closet with beautiful doors..
I most certainly have a few wishes myself (let’s keep it with ‘a few’ for now, shall we?) and I thought that it would be nice to share one of my wishes every wednesday, whether it has to do with specific items for my house or a beautiful picture related to interior design.

Today I want to start with a timeless and classic piece that will last a lifetime but that’s also very on trend, the Tolix chair. The Tolix chair was designed by the French company Tolix in the 1930’s and it hasn’t lost it’s charm ever since.

This is one of my wishes for my future home, paired with a long diningtable and mixed with a few other chairs (that I will soon write about in my future wednesday wishes).

Do you have some pieces that are on your wishlist?




Sources: Pinterest


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