Kitchen chalkboard

So… it’s almost weekend! I thought that the weeks in december were going so fast, but it seems that there’s no difference in january. Time flies! Do you have any plans this weekend? Mine is filled with fun things, a little bit of shopping with my mum and on saturday we’re heading to my favourite city, a place that I love so much: Antwerp!

I have so many good memories about that fun and beautiful city, I’m not a person that could live in a city but for Antwerp I would make an exception ;-).

Today I want to show you a picture of the beautiful dutch Tine K Showroom, located in Harderwijk (a 5 minute drive from my house).. but I’ve never paid a visit! shame on me. Note to self: must visit showroom in 2013.

That chalkboard is something that I want to recreate or buy for our kitchen, it will make it a little bit more fun. I’m planning on making pictures of my kitchen soon, so stay tuned;-)

Have a great weekend!Image

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