BBB – Bananas Budget Buy

I’m not really a person that watches television a lot. I do turn on the TV whenever I’m home because I like to have some sound on the background. So it goes without saying that I don’t follow any series, I’m just not good in remembering what’s on and when.

And when I do like to crawl up my couch to watch some TV I like to watch easy breazy shows. And the channel TLC pretty much tops my list when it comes to easy TV. There, I said it.
I think TLC’s ‘What not to wear’ is hilarious (thanks to Clinton Kelly and ‘shut-the-front-door’ Stacy London) and last season I watched stylist Rachel Zoe’s reality show.
She has hilarious quotes (picture Rachel Zoe saying ‘that’s bananas’ or ‘I die’ with a face of steel).

Speaking of a ‘bananas’ moment, I had one when I bumped into this cool stool for a bargain! So from now on I’ll post some Bananas Budget Buys every now and then :-)


-Images by Marline-


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