Wednesday Wishes: coffeetable inspiration

When we bought our first furniture I had an idea about the ‘colours’ that I wanted: black, grey, cream and taupe. But my ideas were pretty standard, we needed a couch, two chairs and a coffeetable for the sitting area. But why do that when you have a humongous couch and a not too big living room?

These days I think that a ‘standard’ sitting area is okay, but sometimes a little bit boring. In stead of one coffeetable, why not pair several smaller ones together? It makes the area much more fun to look at and it’s way more playful then a standard setting.

Here are some pictures of what I mean. What do you think about these settings? Do you have one coffeetable or something else?ImageRound2


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wishes: coffeetable inspiration

  1. I just bought some little tables for my new home. I thought that one big coffeetable was too impractical, and a few little tables in the livingroom look very playful. Plus you can always replace them and use them for something else!!

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