Easy reads

This week felt long and it seemed to never end. But it did, and I’m really happy that now it’s time for relaxation!
Besides cleaning and doing laundry I want to crawl up my couch with some magazines and a big cup of tea. I feel there’s a flu coming up and I don’t want to give that guy a chance ;-)

I mentioned before that I don’t read many books. But I ordered Emily Schuman’s Cupcakes and Cashmere some months ago and it’s just a fun and inspirational book to read. She really is a true example of what consistenly blogging can do with you. I always enjoy reading her blog, with her fun and delicious recipes, jealously making outfits, perfect make-up and ofcourse, her pretty and eclectic home.

I’m planning on baking something new this weekend (not sure what, but definitely something that’s got sugar involved) and maybe I’ll use one of her recipes.

Have a nice weekend, do you have any baking plans as well?

-Images by Marline-


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