Wednesday wishes

Okay, I am torn. Really, I am glad that I announced the big news last monday because these hormones are tearing me up. All the things that I changed recently and the mini transformation that I wanted to give our home just seemed so not interesting anymore.

And it’s not funny, because I was enjoying my new white walls in the living room and all of a sudden I am more drawn to warm colours (still sticking with the neutrals, don’t worry. No warm reds involved ). So now I am waiting for these hormones to calm down the interior crisis in my head so I can think straight again. I am just not used to this, I always know what I want but now I am in a constant doubt. This is not a matter of life but to me it kind of is, the interior freaks who are reading this know what I mean;-)

So, today I was really drawn to this beautiful kitchen (excuzes moi for the bad quality) with these soft neutral pink walls. I think I would be baking and cooking a lot in there.
It’s just a bit different and that’s probably why I like it so much. These pictures are taken by the very talented Jeroen van der Spek who does such great work in different interiors, totally my style!

Do you have some coloured walls in your living room or kitchen?


Source: VT wonen

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