Livingroom to love

I don’t read a lot of magazines in general, but I do love a good and classic interior design magazine. I find a lot of magazines stacked with advertisements and unnecessary information that somehow seems to return every year. (I mean, every spring there’s an issue filled with ‘get ready for summer’ tips with workouts, ‘prepare your legs for the beach’ and the list goes on…).

I do find it entertaining to read every now and then but the magazines that really make me want to crawl up the couch are the ones that have good and beautiful portrayed home tours.
This picture is from one of the magazines that I love to read -and keep!- wich is actually more than a year old, but still very charming. I just love it when an interior photo hits all the right notes (still have to master some tricks myself though).

I wish you a good and fun weekend, enjoy!


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