New beginnings

A new season, a fresh start.
Now that fall is in full swing, I really feel this is a new start for me.
After a difficult start of 2013, a long and happy (pregnant) summer, the birth of our daughter and this whole new life for us, I really feel things are falling into place. Ofcourse, things will never really fall into place, but that’s life and we just have to roll with it.

But besides this new life as a parent, my house has some pretty new elements as well and I can’t wait to share!
I have done a lot of painting, redecorating and styling around the home.
And the good news is: I’m not done yet! (Am I ever done, really? Probably not)

But first a few photos of our babyshower and the delicious treats that we baked -in between the feeding and taking care of my daughter-. I made the decorations with maskingtape, baking rope, thin tissuepaper and foam sheets.
Now I’m not a pro in the kitchen, but it’s all about fun to me. And I just enjoy baking.
Oh and by the way, everything tasted just as good as it looks :-)

Have a great weekend!





-Images by Marline-

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