Obsessed by pink

Okay. It happened again.
It was on a rainy afternoon, I treated myself on a cup of tea and a few magazines. And there it was.
As if it was waving at me like ‘Hello! This is what you’ve been looking for!’
Pretty, warm pink on the wall for our livingroom.

So as the days went by it took over my mind.
Because it would look so pretty with our kitchen. And the dining table. And the cabinet. And the reflections of a few burning candles would be so warm and cozy.

So here I am, only a week later and I’ve already found the perfect colour.
I haven’t purchased it yet, though. But I will. Within a week or so. Because once this woman sees something that she likes, she is going for it. It just has to be done within a few days and everything else has to wait.
Does this sound recognizable to anyone or am I really a bit crazy?

So stay tuned for the endresults, it won’t be long now. I promise.



4 thoughts on “Obsessed by pink

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