Put a wallpaper on it

Remember the other day, when I was talking about my crazy habit? That whenever I see something that I want, I’ll try everything possible to have it done? (Now that balloon only goes up when it comes to interior design. Okay, and clothes. Shoes are included with clothes, naturally.)

I’ve been looking for a more affordable option of the super cute wallpaper from Ferm Living for my daughters room. Preferably in the exact same colour.
I just knew that someday I would bump into it. And I did. Lucky me!
Now it’s not mint green, but it’s a neutral grey and way cheaper. Bonuspoints!

Now my mother is my partner in crime on this one. Because we seem to contaminate each other with our decorating fever.
It only took us two hours and a lot of chatter on a rainy tuesday afternoon. And I couldn’t be more than happy with the results!


-Images by Marline-

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