Home styling

A few weeks ago I had my first project in home styling. My cousin bought his first home and was in need of advice.
I was seriously stoked to do this project, because he wanted a scandinavian style with an industrial touch.

He already purchased a few key items like the sofa and the dining table, but it all had to come together (that’s whereΒ moi came in).
The colours were very basic: a lot of white with grey and black and it needed a bit more colour. We opted for some mustard yellow, army green and hints of petrol here and there.

Besides the fact that this was a really fun day (because we know each other since we were kids) it got me enthousiastic to do this more often.

We were a good match: he knew what he wanted and I just filled in the gaps. I think that the result is amazing and we managed to mix cheap and more expensive items together. How fun is it to transform an entire livingroom in one day?
Have a peek at the project below: all photo credits to my cousin (wich happens to be an amazing photographer -check it out here-)

Have a fun week everyone!
IMG_4637 IMG_4655 IMG_4664 IMG_4690_HDR IMG_4700 IMG_4732 IMG_4738 IMG_4742 IMG_4747 IMG_4755 IMG_4759


One thought on “Home styling

  1. Compliments for the design, it looks beautiful! We visited two weeks ago in the new home of John. The color composition and the choice of furniture giving a warm welcome. You are a very knowledgeable and creative woman! Love from Aunt Marjolein

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