Happy friday

Just a short post, I did a lot of painting around the house last week. When it’s grey and cold outside you just have to make the best of it inside right? :-)

These three candlesticks are -again- thriftstore finds. I was in a ‘pinning’ mood around the house with some old pictures, fun cards and other stuff. The white card from Jots really reminds me to kick some ass everyday. ‘Today is the day’ sounds really exciting, like there is something big waiting for me.
Now in real life there is nothing big waiting for me* (*no..no… unfortunately no doctor Mc. Dreamy waiting outside or a huge bowl of Ben and Jerry’s in my fridge) unless I work for it** (**Okay, we can do the Ben and Jerry’s thing, but the Mc. Dreamy stuff… nope..)
I’ve been having fun ambitions for so long that it really is time to wake up and chase them! So having this fun card in the hallway reminds me to go for it.

Hoe about you? Do you have any wild ambitions?
I wish you all a great weekend!



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