I am Marline, a 27 year old Dutch girl who loves interior design and everything that comes along with it. I hope to inspire you with my thoughts on interior design and maybe with little snippets of my life that are worth highlighting.
Just get a warm cup of tea and enjoy!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hee Marline, ik hoorde van Mar dat je een blog gaat beginnen. Erg leuk, ik ben benieuwd. Ik ga je volgen! Succes ermee! Groetjes Jacoline

  2. Hi, just googled kasteel ermelo, is this a new project and have you sold your apartment…?
    how many live there as it looks amazing…

    love your pics too ..! Brigitte/NZ

    • Hi Brigitte, thank you!
      Yes it’s a new project and it’s inhibited since 2009. But there are still some apartments for sale because of the crisis unfortunately (or lucky for someone who is looking for a great apartment at a great location! ;-) )
      I think that approximately 200 people live here. The castle has several types of apartments and houses. We live in a ‘normal’ house with a garden and I really enjoy living here!


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