Bedroom inspiration

It’s been a while since I posted an update of our bedroom.
Everything is pretty much the same, ofcourse I did move a few things around (you know me).
I still love our black walls, but after 4,5 years they need some repairing here and there.
Black is a very calming and cozy ‘colour’ for your bedroom. The only downside is that it stains very easily.

After browsing some of my favourite blogs a while ago I saw that the lovely Nina from Stylizimo painted her black walls with fresh teal.
It’s actually the same colour that we have in our living room but when I saw this, my heart made a litte jump. I’m excited to try a fresh, light new colour now!

Do you like it?



A trip to winter wonderland

As we speak we are on the road to experience some real winter (because we didn’t had any over here).
We’re going to hit the slopes, make long walks, ride the sleigh.. All with our little girl. It’s her first trip abroad (not that she’s aware yet, I’m the one that’s acting all excited) but I’m really looking forward to some quality time.

There are a few post scheduled for next week, so I’ll still be around;-)

See you soon!

-Images by Marline-

Golden sunlight

On the rare days that the sun comes out in the last weeks, the light is truly magical.
Last week I changed some things in our bedroom. I bought this pink cabinet to store pretty things like jewelry and other knick knacks (is that the right word? Don’t know but it sounds fun :-) )

I get so enthousiastic from the plenty of styling options with this little beauty. But this is the first option. Soft colours, paired with golden sunlight. I could spend all day in here!
The cabinet, the lamp and the bedspread are all thriftstore items. There’s a new thriftstore in town and I’m a frequent visitor. I love thrifting :-)

And you? Do you like thriftstores as well?




Sunny yellow

The last few weeks I have been thinking about sunny, warm yellow as an accent for the bedroom. But as you may have noticed I am a bit scared for colour in my home. But then again, ever since I started with a few pops of pink in the livingroom I changed my mind. (It could be the starts of spring as well. Or the fact that our vacation is planned. Or just my monthly habit to change something.)

So, I started off with a tiny pop of yellow that holds ‘rules’ to live by. I placed it above the bed to remind myself of these rules.
Next up: a cute yellow pillow to complete the look. And the search goes on..


-Images by Marline-

Collected favourites

It’s so funny to see how this bedroom is a typical reflection of all my favourite things: a white eames chair, black walls, a romantic headboard, soft pastel bedding and fresh flowers.
This really makes me want to buy yellow flowers for the bedroom.
But then again, I would only be throwing them off my nightstand in my sleep when I grab for a tissue because of this bad hay fever that’s been going on. Ah well, a girl can dream ;-)


Headboard inspiration

If you want to spice up your bedroom on a budget then a DIY headboard is a good option. I really love the idea but our bed has a headboard attached to the bed (trust me, I did my research) so for me it’s a no go.

You can create different styles, choose wood if you like a rustic touch, a soft fabric for a more romantic look or go for a classic version with old french doors.

Here are some favourites that I’ve found on the web, maybe this will give you some inspiration as well!
Do you have a headboard at your bed?



source: Cupcakes and Cashmere and pinterest

We’re back!

Goodmorning lovely people!

As you may have noticed I have been under the radar the last week because we were in New York. It was great and we sure did see everything. Still a bit jetlagged right now but that will get better everyday I hope;-)

And I am so happy because this week promises a hint of spring and I couldn’t be more excited! I digged out my closet a bit and found some fresh spring colours to wear, so when the temperatures are getting higher this week I will be so ready.

I wish you a great week, are you ready for spring yet?

-Images by Marline-

Book corner

If I would read loads of books I would have a seat right here. You see the thing is, I don’t have the patient to read books. I do read loads of magazines and blogs on my Ipad (does that count as well?).

This is a corner in our bedroom near our closet. It has actually been a corner in the room that didn’t had much to it untill I placed this old chair in it wich I’ve had since I was a little girl.

When I took these pictures I realized that we have such a great view outside: the only thing we see is trees :-). During spring and summer everything is green, but I also like it when all the leaves are gone, since all the rooms in our house are so much lighter then!




Bed bound

When the holidays are over I always feel a little sad. The lightstrings are still all over the place, everything still breaths ‘christmas’ but there is nothing really to look forward to (just a long, long winter) so the idea of going back to reality makes me want to crawl into bed and hide under my blankets and cushions.

I’m not really a person that could lie in bed all day but somehow I long for it every now and then (mostly when I’m sitting behind my desk at work.. Do you know what I mean?).

The last days I tried to capture the ultimate winter-bedroom-mood picture, or at least how I feel how it should look like right now. I’ll probably have another idea about this in spring or summer but for now this is pretty much perfect to me!


-images by Marline-