All wrapped up

Easter is far behind us (time flies!) but this year the traditional easter brunch was at our place. I went completely overboard with the tablesetting in sweet pastels. So overboard that I didn’t take a single picture.

I did capture these little vases that I made with old jars (thank you baby girl) and some rope. Really simple, just wrap the rope tight around the vase, make sure you wrap a little over the beginning and the end of the rope and it won’t go anywhere.

This is also really fun to use when you’re hosting a summer barbeque or a high tea.
Do you like the results?



Chalk that chalk

I think I’ve bought this frame more than over a year ago for only three euros.
It had the most hideous embroidered fabric (think orange-yellow sunset with dark green fields) but I just liked the frame.

I wanted to turn it into a chalk board but it ended up in the back of our closet. That was until a few weeks ago. I was about to return it to the thriftstore when I decided to just try it out and it was really simple and quick to do. The chalk paint needs some time to dry though (me being all impatient) but it turned out quite fun I think!

I still have another large chalk board in my mind from Bloomingville but that one comes with a large pricetag as well;-)
So in the meantime this will do.

Have a lovely weekend!

-Images by Marline-

DIY storage jars

My ever growing collection of masking tape, stamps, twine and stickers needed a new home badly.
I cleaned out a few jars, removed the labels (bye bye pickles) and simply spray painted the cover in a copper colour.

I really like the the result and now I can actually see what I have in storage. Jars are so fun to reuse, the possibilities are endless!
I’ll keep them clean and simple for now, maybe I’ll put some tags on them later.

Have you ever reused jars?


-Images by Marline-

Light as a feather

Since I quit my job to become a full time mommy last year (wich could be considered a full time job as well) I’ve been superduper crafty. My head is exploding with ideas to craft and create.
So last christmas (hello Wham) I’ve seen a lot of DIY’s with clay on pinterest. I liked the idea of making ornaments, except that I like to do things a little different. I literally woke up a few weeks ago with the idea to make a garland of feathers, dip dyed in black, dark pink and copper.
Said and done.

This was such an easy DIY and a lot of fun. I have lots of feathers left for other variations (think mint green, copper and bright pink).
Do you like the results?



-Image by Marline-

Happy friday

Just a short post, I did a lot of painting around the house last week. When it’s grey and cold outside you just have to make the best of it inside right? :-)

These three candlesticks are -again- thriftstore finds. I was in a ‘pinning’ mood around the house with some old pictures, fun cards and other stuff. The white card from Jots really reminds me to kick some ass everyday. ‘Today is the day’ sounds really exciting, like there is something big waiting for me.
Now in real life there is nothing big waiting for me* (*… unfortunately no doctor Mc. Dreamy waiting outside or a huge bowl of Ben and Jerry’s in my fridge) unless I work for it** (**Okay, we can do the Ben and Jerry’s thing, but the Mc. Dreamy stuff… nope..)
I’ve been having fun ambitions for so long that it really is time to wake up and chase them! So having this fun card in the hallway reminds me to go for it.

Hoe about you? Do you have any wild ambitions?
I wish you all a great weekend!


Rock that horse

I have a quit strong photographic memory. Once I see something that I really like, I keep it in mind.
Same thing happened with the campagne from Zara mini a while ago. I absolutely adored the styling from their collection, and ofcourse I was drooling all over the cute clothing and shoes.

But what I really kept in mind was the cool white rocking horse. I’ve been on the hunt for one ever since, but without luck.
So why would I write a blogpost then, I hear you think?
Wel, this morning, while running errands I bumped into the perfect rocking horse at the thriftstore. And the price was even more perfect, not even ten euros!
This was so my lucky day.

Stay tuned folks ;-)…


Put a wallpaper on it

Remember the other day, when I was talking about my crazy habit? That whenever I see something that I want, I’ll try everything possible to have it done? (Now that balloon only goes up when it comes to interior design. Okay, and clothes. Shoes are included with clothes, naturally.)

I’ve been looking for a more affordable option of the super cute wallpaper from Ferm Living for my daughters room. Preferably in the exact same colour.
I just knew that someday I would bump into it. And I did. Lucky me!
Now it’s not mint green, but it’s a neutral grey and way cheaper. Bonuspoints!

Now my mother is my partner in crime on this one. Because we seem to contaminate each other with our decorating fever.
It only took us two hours and a lot of chatter on a rainy tuesday afternoon. And I couldn’t be more than happy with the results!


-Images by Marline-

Headboard inspiration

If you want to spice up your bedroom on a budget then a DIY headboard is a good option. I really love the idea but our bed has a headboard attached to the bed (trust me, I did my research) so for me it’s a no go.

You can create different styles, choose wood if you like a rustic touch, a soft fabric for a more romantic look or go for a classic version with old french doors.

Here are some favourites that I’ve found on the web, maybe this will give you some inspiration as well!
Do you have a headboard at your bed?



source: Cupcakes and Cashmere and pinterest

I’m hooked!

Okay, spring is right around the corner (right?) but I still feel like getting warm and soft materials   in my house. Knitting and crocheting are hot these days.

Ofcourse you can do it the easy (and most expensive) way to buy a crocheted product.. but with a little bit of practice you can make some great stuff! I’m sure that with a little research online you can find a tutorial on how to knit or crochet and within no time you have your own carpet or pillow…

My DIY list is getting bigger everyday.  But I really like that round carpet!  You can click on the images to get to the website.

Do you ever knit or crochet yourself?


DIY star ornament

There are so many fun DIY christmas projects on the web these days. When I read it it makes me want to jump up and get crafty, but for this christmas my house is decorated and I am planning to enjoy it.

I did manage to squeeze in a little DIY time last sunday.
It only took me a pack of foam sheets, a baking tin, a pair of scissors and some ribbons. I pressed the baking tin firmly on the foam sheets so I could see where to cut. Once the stars were cut out I made a tiny hole in it and added a ribbon.. et voila, a star is born!



-images by Marline-