Inspired by Tas-Ka

Our entry is a quite small, straight space. I’d like to have it functional but also welcoming without too much decoration involved.
With a super handy but quite large Bugaboo our entry looked way too small.
So I sold our cabinet and I love how much space we’ve gotten in return.

But ofcourse I can’t leave things completely empty. First I like to start with a functional and cute coat rack. I love this house shaped rack from Tas-Ka.

How is your entry decorated?

Have a great weekend!



Happy friday

Just a short post, I did a lot of painting around the house last week. When it’s grey and cold outside you just have to make the best of it inside right? :-)

These three candlesticks are -again- thriftstore finds. I was in a ‘pinning’ mood around the house with some old pictures, fun cards and other stuff. The white card from Jots really reminds me to kick some ass everyday. ‘Today is the day’ sounds really exciting, like there is something big waiting for me.
Now in real life there is nothing big waiting for me* (*… unfortunately no doctor Mc. Dreamy waiting outside or a huge bowl of Ben and Jerry’s in my fridge) unless I work for it** (**Okay, we can do the Ben and Jerry’s thing, but the Mc. Dreamy stuff… nope..)
I’ve been having fun ambitions for so long that it really is time to wake up and chase them! So having this fun card in the hallway reminds me to go for it.

Hoe about you? Do you have any wild ambitions?
I wish you all a great weekend!


Christmas envy

So folkes. Unfortunately there is no such thing as thursday wishes because that just doesn’t sound too good.
Let’s call this post a late wednesday wishes, shall we?

This year I’m not going completely overboard with christmas decorations but I do like to surf around the web for insprirational images.
Now A. I really like these minimalistic christmas decorations (a trick that I don’t master yet) and B. Hello, who doesn’t want an entry like this? This is my dream come true, an old staircase with a lot of natural light.

I do think that decorating the house for christmas is a lot of fun but I’m also in a constant struggle. Because I don’t want my house to be too full and packed with things.
I literally moved around pretty much everything the last weeks, because I felt some things were a bit off. But I think we’re finished now.
Or at least for one week :-)

Have a great day!


New decorated entry

After a failed DIY project with my old mirror we needed a new one. We spent two years without a mirror in our entry and I kind of missed it! So here is my new mirror, paired with two simple frames from the thriftstore.

I love to mix and match some more expensive items with cheaper ones, the batikpaper is from Tine K. and I really love it! The green bottle is also a thriftstore find and it seems that I can use this beauty everywhere. An interior doesn’t always need expensive items to get a soul, it’s all about mixing and matching and a little DIY-ing;-)


-Images by Marline-

I’ll be home for christmas

Our house is getting more and more christmassy. Here is a glimpse of our entry.
I am still not sure if I want to give the walls a different colour, something dark grey, perfect for the winter months!
The small ‘star’ letters are a little DIY, I bought them for a really nice price and changed the ribbons on the letters. I think they would really stand out on a grey wall, don’t you think?



-images by Marline-