Change is good

So yeah, I changed some things up in our girls room. Story of my life.

The cute wallstickers made place for these lovely prints. They’re actually postcards but I like them as walldecorations as well!
We’ve also been changing some things in our kitchen and I’m so excited about it. It’s not finished yet but I’ll show you the results when it’s done.

Have a lovely day!



All wrapped up

Easter is far behind us (time flies!) but this year the traditional easter brunch was at our place. I went completely overboard with the tablesetting in sweet pastels. So overboard that I didn’t take a single picture.

I did capture these little vases that I made with old jars (thank you baby girl) and some rope. Really simple, just wrap the rope tight around the vase, make sure you wrap a little over the beginning and the end of the rope and it won’t go anywhere.

This is also really fun to use when you’re hosting a summer barbeque or a high tea.
Do you like the results?



I fancy everything pastel so these pompoms had to come home with me. Usually I buy lots of decorations because of the colour (recognizable?) but I never end up using them. But there is something that I love about these pompoms, they’re very festive and turn everyday into a little party :-) score!

Have a great week!

-Images by Marline-

Wanted: time

No folks, I haven’t vanished or left for a vacation somewhere far away (boy does that sound good right now!).
I’ve been really busy with all sorts of fun projects around the house. The last two weeks I’ve been chrocheting, painting furniture, making garlands and much more. The only problem is that I have to finish some of these things first before starting something new (hence my absence).

And on top of that I did style and shoot some pictures last week, but they came out totally blurry. Bummer!
Now I’m waiting for some natural light wich is kind of difficult with this gloomy weather. I like to take most pictures in my daughters room because the light in there is so good. But she’s a sleepyhead so my chances are little.

I’ll be back soon, pinky swear ;-)

Ps. I’m all about mint green these days. Just love it!

-Images by Marline-

Home styling

A few weeks ago I had my first project in home styling. My cousin bought his first home and was in need of advice.
I was seriously stoked to do this project, because he wanted a scandinavian style with an industrial touch.

He already purchased a few key items like the sofa and the dining table, but it all had to come together (that’s where moi came in).
The colours were very basic: a lot of white with grey and black and it needed a bit more colour. We opted for some mustard yellow, army green and hints of petrol here and there.

Besides the fact that this was a really fun day (because we know each other since we were kids) it got me enthousiastic to do this more often.

We were a good match: he knew what he wanted and I just filled in the gaps. I think that the result is amazing and we managed to mix cheap and more expensive items together. How fun is it to transform an entire livingroom in one day?
Have a peek at the project below: all photo credits to my cousin (wich happens to be an amazing photographer -check it out here-)

Have a fun week everyone!
IMG_4637 IMG_4655 IMG_4664 IMG_4690_HDR IMG_4700 IMG_4732 IMG_4738 IMG_4742 IMG_4747 IMG_4755 IMG_4759