All wrapped up

Easter is far behind us (time flies!) but this year the traditional easter brunch was at our place. I went completely overboard with the tablesetting in sweet pastels. So overboard that I didn’t take a single picture.

I did capture these little vases that I made with old jars (thank you baby girl) and some rope. Really simple, just wrap the rope tight around the vase, make sure you wrap a little over the beginning and the end of the rope and it won’t go anywhere.

This is also really fun to use when you’re hosting a summer barbeque or a high tea.
Do you like the results?



Fresh contrast

Last weekend I’ve had a mini vacation, just a few days off can really boost your mood and make you very productive. Our living room was still half black and white since january and it was about time to finish it.

Not with black and white, no. Blame the pregnancy hormones but somehow I didn’t like the end result of my work. So after a long time of deciding what colour I do liked I finally found one wich really fits a lot better. Now it’s toned down and it brings a certain calm feeling that I was looking for.

So here is a sneak peak from the kitchen and I am so happy with the result! It feels so good now it’s finally finished that I got some inspiration again to pick up some other projects.
Next up: the nursery :-)
Have you ever gone wild with a colour that you didn’t like afterwards? Tell me!


-Images by Marline-

Wednesday Wishes

Okay, I stumbled upon these gorgeous pics yesterday and I had to share. Mainly because I really love the first kitchen, wich is actually quite basic but the vaults make it so cool, almost a bit James Bond-ish (I could already picture 007 himself drinking a fresh juice in the morning -does he ever do that, really?-).

The second one is mainly because of the interesting windows with frames of steel and hey, there is a palmtree outside. Who doesn’t want to have a palmtree outside?





Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend!

As you may have noticed I didn’t post anything last friday. I couldn’t find the time and the energy to come up with something. We’ve had a lot of good and bad news last week. I’ll tell you more about the good news later, the bad news is a bit too personal and it just takes time to adjust to this new reality.
I want to continue my blog and give all of my energy to it, but for the upcoming months I have to save a bit energy for my family. And the last thing that I want is to post something that I don’t really like, so I want to keep up delivering fun and (I hope) inspirational posts but it won’t be everyday for a while. I hope you will understand :-)

On sunday I changed some things in my house, just placing things around and I enjoyed it again. I hope to enjoy this for many more years to come and of course share it with you!


-Images by Marline-

Spice up your fridge

I always had an aversion against magnets. There is nothing wrong with it, in fact, they are very practical for when you have kids and you need a place in your house (besides your chockfull agenda) where you can place ‘don’t-forget-this-or-that-notes’.
But, sometimes you can go a little bit too far and end up with a fridge that’s hidden under a bunch of notes and reminders.

My fridge desperately needed something fun because it was a bit dull. I found some fun magnets here, and altough I still don’t like the idea of a covered fridge, these were just enough to spice it up a bit ;-)

Do you have anything on your fridge?


-Images by Marline-