Pink monday

I have a hate/love relationship with mondays. Mostly hate, because of the long week that’s ahead, the end of a fun and relaxing weekend, a pile of laundry waiting.. But at the other hand, sometimes it’s good to kickstart the week with some good cleaning, healthy food, some excercize..

But this monday it was quite the hate monday, I totally didn’t feel like cleaning (or healthy food for that matter). So I had a fun day with my little girl, playing in her room while mommy could do some styling and decorating :-)
Here’s a chair I scored at the thriftstore (surpriiiiise!) a few weeks back. After a few coats with soft pink paint, it literally matches in every room (that includes the hallway as well).

Have a good week!

-Images by Marline-


Wanted: time

No folks, I haven’t vanished or left for a vacation somewhere far away (boy does that sound good right now!).
I’ve been really busy with all sorts of fun projects around the house. The last two weeks I’ve been chrocheting, painting furniture, making garlands and much more. The only problem is that I have to finish some of these things first before starting something new (hence my absence).

And on top of that I did style and shoot some pictures last week, but they came out totally blurry. Bummer!
Now I’m waiting for some natural light wich is kind of difficult with this gloomy weather. I like to take most pictures in my daughters room because the light in there is so good. But she’s a sleepyhead so my chances are little.

I’ll be back soon, pinky swear ;-)

Ps. I’m all about mint green these days. Just love it!

-Images by Marline-

Rock that horse

I have a quit strong photographic memory. Once I see something that I really like, I keep it in mind.
Same thing happened with the campagne from Zara mini a while ago. I absolutely adored the styling from their collection, and ofcourse I was drooling all over the cute clothing and shoes.

But what I really kept in mind was the cool white rocking horse. I’ve been on the hunt for one ever since, but without luck.
So why would I write a blogpost then, I hear you think?
Wel, this morning, while running errands I bumped into the perfect rocking horse at the thriftstore. And the price was even more perfect, not even ten euros!
This was so my lucky day.

Stay tuned folks ;-)…


Owl always love you

I’m a sucker for all things cute. So when we visited London before christmas -my favourite city of all times- I wanted to take something home for my daughter.

There’s a really cute shop called Sass and Belle located in the area Seven Dials (must visit when in London!) who has a lot of things with owl prints.
The text speaks for itsself :-)

Have a lovely weekend!

-Images by Marline-

Something old, something new

When the holidays are over I get excited to throw all the christmas decorations out.
January literally feels like a clean slate. In my house, in my mind…

Whenever I feel that I’m stuck in decorating my home, I pull everything out of storage and then I start to mix and match.
It’s really fun to see what you actually have and how cool an old item that’s been stuffed away for a while looks with something new.

The pink vase is a new purchase, it’s from VT Wonen. The small grey vase is an old thriftstore find wich I painted grey.
I get really happy from these new combinations, it feels like a new start!
Speaking of a clean slate.. I have a meeting with my vacuum cleaner so if you’ll excuse me?

Have a great start of the week!


-Images by Marline-

Perfection in a mug

Last week I found two perfect cappuccino mugs. My favourite coffee is from Nespresso and I think it’s the tastiest coffee there is. Oh yes, and Starbucks is my favourite as well but there’s no Starbucks in this area unfortunately. Ah, it saves me money wich I used for my mugs now!

These mugs have the perfect size in case you are using the Nespresso Aeroccino as well. One serving of the Aeroccino fits in these two mugs.
Like I wrote earlier, I love a good morning cappuccino.
So if you’ll excuse me, I have to run because my coffee is getting cold :-)

Have a lovely weekend!

-Images by Marline-
mugs by Rivièra Maison