I fancy everything pastel so these pompoms had to come home with me. Usually I buy lots of decorations because of the colour (recognizable?) but I never end up using them. But there is something that I love about these pompoms, they’re very festive and turn everyday into a little party :-) score!

Have a great week!

-Images by Marline-


Boys room

Remember a little while ago when our daughters room got featured on Kimderkamerstylist? Well, I got a sweet note from a reader who got so much inspiration from our room that she used the same ideas for her sons room.

It’s pretty much the same idea, but with different accessories like robots and even a spaceshuttle! The colours are a bit warmer and brighter, because tough boys need tough colours ;-)
I mean, how cool is this?

To me it’s so fun to see that I can inspire someone with my ideas, it’s an honor and the reason why I started blogging.
I hope to inspire you a lot more this year. Let’s cheers to that, shall we?