A trip to winter wonderland

As we speak we are on the road to experience some real winter (because we didn’t had any over here).
We’re going to hit the slopes, make long walks, ride the sleigh.. All with our little girl. It’s her first trip abroad (not that she’s aware yet, I’m the one that’s acting all excited) but I’m really looking forward to some quality time.

There are a few post scheduled for next week, so I’ll still be around;-)

See you soon!

-Images by Marline-


Wanted: time

No folks, I haven’t vanished or left for a vacation somewhere far away (boy does that sound good right now!).
I’ve been really busy with all sorts of fun projects around the house. The last two weeks I’ve been chrocheting, painting furniture, making garlands and much more. The only problem is that I have to finish some of these things first before starting something new (hence my absence).

And on top of that I did style and shoot some pictures last week, but they came out totally blurry. Bummer!
Now I’m waiting for some natural light wich is kind of difficult with this gloomy weather. I like to take most pictures in my daughters room because the light in there is so good. But she’s a sleepyhead so my chances are little.

I’ll be back soon, pinky swear ;-)

Ps. I’m all about mint green these days. Just love it!

-Images by Marline-

Mini me’s closet

A little while ago I mentioned that I was on the hunt for the perfect closet for our daughters room. It turned out into a classic closet that’s not too high so I could decorate it with items on top. When she grows older, I like to place baskets on top for toy storage.

The closet was an absolute bargain, I’d almost call it a bananas budget buy.
It holds enough space for everyday storage (like diapers, reading books, dolls, toys… You know, all the little peoples stuff) and her clothes.
I painted it with dark chalk paint that I already had (a professional painter would envy my paint collection. But hey, you never know what you have to paint. It’s just like garbage bags. You need to have it in storage in case you need it. Get my point?)
Paired with a nice lamp from Ikea it’s pretty much closet perfection to me.

Have a great start of the week!

-Images by Marline-