We’re moving!

You guys, we have some drastic changes coming up. We are moving!
For several reasons actually, it’s quite fast because we’ve only lived here for five years now. But hey, you won’t hear me complaining. I mean: a whole new house to style and decorate?!

Ever since we made the decision I’ve been browsing the web constantly for inspiration and to my own surprise the most pictures I’ve collected are for the kitchen. I kind of want the feeling like I’ve just entered one of my¬†favourite coffee-and-pie (or cookies/cupcakes for that matter) place. Concrete floors, tiles, a small bar, industrial lamps, old wooden doors..
I think that when we mix old and new materials we can create a cool and cozy kitchen.

It will probably be a while before we move out but that gives me more time to look for the style we want.

Now, coffee and cake anyone?

PS: My blog has a brand new look, do you like it?

20140320-2057541 Cafe-Coutume-by-CUT-architectures-Paris-03 hk-living-barkruk-naturel-zwart-rotan-88x47x46cm-rIMG_2660